Brandon Flowers

untitled (3)

I’m seriously digging Brandon Flowers right now. His latest album, ‘The Desired Effect’, dropped in early 2015 and it is a true gem. I must admit that I was looking for more of ‘The Killers’ vibe so I was initially thrown off with this different sound. However, I was certainly not disappointed with the retro upbeat sound. It totally takes me to my Billy Idol ‘Dancing with Myself’ feel good mood.


My personal favourite would be ‘I Can Change’. The idea of changing who you are just to be with someone isn’t necessarily something I agree with but I totally get where he’s coming from. I secretly kinda wish I could find a love like that. However, a man like that may be more likely to stalk me and inflict bodily harm if I try to leave him 😓; kinda like the kid in ‘Lonely Town’ (another great track from this album). People are strange 😒.

Please see the YouTube links below. I hope you guys check it out. – I can change – Lonely town


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