Conch salad

This beautiful sea snail is a local Bahamian delicacy. Though there are a few different species, the Queen Conch is the one that is most commonly found in our waters. It’s safe to eat raw or cooked… once its been de-shelled and cleaned of course.

I had an opportunity to attend a conch salad making demonstration and it was equally informative and yummy 😋.





  1. MayVaneDay · March 22, 2016

    I’ve never eaten conch salad before! Would you say that it’s more sweet or salty?


    • cooper1989 · March 22, 2016

      Well, like most seafood, it has a really really fresh taste until it is seasoned. However, I guess I would lean more towards salty and it’s also quite chewy so it has to be tenderized as well. Your preparer will do all that hard work for you though.

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  2. Alyssa's Breakfast Cafe · March 22, 2016

    How interesting! Love it!


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