Glass Half Empty

Writing 101 – Assignment # 17

A glass half empty is all I see while you see yours as half full,

I’m drowning in despair while you’re on cloud nine so whatever you’re smoking please give me a pull.

A glass half empty is all you have left when you give more of yourself than you receive,

Too high expectations you had for these humans, leaving more disappointments than your mind could conceive.

In my glass half empty I’ll never get that promotion regardless if I have the work skills that my boss admires,

“She’s young, she can wait” is what I hear them say. It’ll be another 10 years before one of these old farts retire!

A glass that is half empty is what I sip on late at night when my perpetual single status has me feeling alone,

I swear I must be a magnet for losers, if Cupid’s out of arrows at least throw me a bone.

As I stare down into my glass half empty, I’m envious of the happiness I see,

Then realizing that the person with the glass half full is actually my reflection staring up at me.


It’s better to change one’s mindset than change one’s cirrcumstances

Writing 101 Assignment #16

Randomly going through my old high school files, I discovered a detailed report of my SAT scores. Not only was it my scores, but I discovered a copy of my original essay I wrote in the ‘Writing’ portion of the exam. It was scanned in my original handwriting and I was simply shocked that I never realized I had this. Of course being curious about the writing skills of my younger self, I decided to have a read. Almost ten years later, my mind set is almost exactly the same; of course I’m a bit more refined now lol. I’ve decided to use the topic from my SAT essay to write a quick poem.

It is better to change one’s attitude than change one’s circumstances:

You can’t determine the hand you will be dealt or see you future in a crystal ball,

Sometimes life comes at you so fast, there’s no time for preparation at all.

Certain people are born into crummy situations while other people encounter these challenges over time,

It doesn’t matter how these changes affect your social status or finances but more so mentally, how it affects your mind.

God helps those who helps themselves so it’s important to at least try to do your best and stay hyped,

But when your best doesn’t work, smile through the tears, your blessing is on its way down the pipe.

My Motto

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right either way”.

Henry Ford

The mind is a powerful thing. It’s important to stay positive and you’d be surprised how much easier things will be. Take it from someone who spent 90% of her life looking at the glass as half empty. Be your own cheerleader and take joy in the small victories.