Why I Decided to Write a Blog

September 20. 2015

Well as I mentioned on my ‘About Me’ page, I am a twenty something year old college grad living on an island in the Bahamas. I’ve never had a blog before so this is my first go-around. I was in love with writing all my life but have not done so in years. Not due to lack of passion but I had some crummy English professors in college who completely killed my spirit. As I’ve recently reignited my love for the arts I said: “WTH, why not put myself out there? What’s the worst that can happen?”

I decided to call my blog ‘myeighty9’ as it signifies the year I was born as well as the decade of which I am the most in love. I also feel very passionate about the 90s and the 70s were alright too but when it comes to music, the 80s are my life. Once I get in my Hall and Oats, Billy Idol, The Police/Sting kind of mood nothing can bring me down. Sigh…if only my parents had me 15 years earlier. I would have been old enough to appreciate the awesomeness of George Michaels while still being a teenager and he was still publicly being a heterosexual. However, then I would have missed out on the gems of my generation such as Miley Cyrus and trap music 😒. Consequently I’m stuck living my life between the classics of  TvLand and Turner Classic Movies and the ratchetness of VH1 and Bravo. I think I have a pretty good balance as a young person with an old soul.

Additionally, I’ve been looking at some other blogs on WordPress and I am sad to announce that my blog will not be about saving the plant, philanthropy, or any other causes most likely to be displayed in an early morning infomercial. Not saying that I don’t respect those who choose to dedicate his/her blog to a good cause or that I don’t have personal situations which I can share in that regard. I’m simply choosing not to do so. I want to use this blog as my artistic outlet while I smother you with more light and fluffy stuff 😜.

Please bare with me in the upcoming weeks as I try to get myself organized. I don’t have any ankle bitters , mini nuisances, little angels 😇 in my life so I have lots of time to get it together sooner rather than later. Thanks to anyone that’s reading this. I love you like XO 😘.

XO Cooper.


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