The purpose


To be seen and don’t heard, needlepoint and sewing, scarf knitting and other crap girls should do,

Bouncy hair with bows, a freshly powdered nose and the most adorable giggle on cue.

Things I’ve learn’t

People choose to offer me their advice prematurely even though most times I don’t ask,

I’ve learned I’m the type of person that has to experience life for myself……..

It’s better to change one’s mindset

You can’t determine the hand you will be dealt or see you future in a crystal ball,

Sometimes life comes at you so fast, there’s no time for preparation at all.……

Glass half empty


A glass half empty is all I see while you see yours as half full,

I’m drowning in despair while you’re on cloud nine so whatever you’re smoking please give me a pull.…..

Goodbye Writing 101

Where do I begin?…….To tell a story of how great a love can be.

This writing course reignited the Edgar Allen in me.…….

Bah humbug

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes……

Dude, I live in the Bahamas so there’s no snowflakes on my nose or my eyelashes…..

Day dreaming


I sleep with my eyes open, dreaming of what’s out there.

Hoping for a day I can do what I truly want without a care……….

Winter Woes

The winter months bring gloomy weather that makes you never wanna get out of bed.

Cozy under my blankets is where I want to stay. Can’t Starbucks deliver my coffee instead?….