Beach shots:1

Check out some of my latest beach shots below and let me know what you think. 😘😘😘


Minding my business, sketching on my favourite beach and I stumbled upon my very first regatta. There were only a few boats on the water at the time but I had to snap a quick photo.


A few coconut trees the day after we felt the mild effects from Tropical Storm Erika. It was still pretty windy on the beach that day so the trees were taking a bit of a beating. However, its the coconut and banana trees that always survive the toughest storms.


Walking along the beach and saw a nice shot. Those homeowners must pay a ton in hurricane insurance lol.


Nature shots

These are just a few of my shots that I happen to like a lot. I only started my amateur photography this year but it’s something I’ve fallen in love with and personally feel I am good at. I enjoy seeing the beauty in simple things most persons wouldn’t even notice. Hope you guys like them as well.

Large cherry blossom tree I noticed while stopped at the red light

Large cherry blossom tree I noticed while stopped at the red light


Broken picket fence I noticed while at another stop light


Enjoying my second job as a professional beach bum at sunset.


My national flower, the yellow elder, in full bloom earlier this spring