Things I’ve Learnt

So I joined this WordPress Blogging Course that gives one writing assignment a day for the next few weeks. I’ve  been instructed to post the assignments on my page…. sigh. I won’t smother you guys with every single assignment but since this is my first one I figured…wth. Today’s topic is posted above:

People choose to offer me their advice prematurely even though most times I don’t ask,

I’ve learned I’m the type of person that has to experience life for myself, the potential consequences will be my future tasks.

I’m not saying I’m doing any fire challenges or partying every night until a quarter to two,

But when it comes to letting others dictate my life for me, I learned that’s just one thing I can’t do.

I’m mature enough to know right from wrong but still young enough to kind of not care,

However I’ve learned that with each passing day I age, there’s an impressionable youth born whose giving me that rock-star stare.

It’s easy to hold grudges sometimes and a tad bit fun to be a little petty,

Let it go early, live and let live; I’ve learned that karma will do her job when she’s ready.

Finally I’ve learned not to beat myself up and treat any mistake like a lesson for the future,

Each lesson makes me smarter, the hurt will make me harder, a better person I will be I’m sure.

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